The ‘CC E-LifePod’

  • Each CC E-LifePods functions as an integrated Emergency, Intensive Care Unit, and Operating Theatre capability, and can provide effective healthcare in urgent situations such as natural or manmade disasters.
  • The infrastructure within the CC E-LifePods will enable better diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment capabilities (including surgery) when compared to currently available pre-hospital capabilities.
  • All CC E-LifePods will be domain-agnostic, enabling functionality in the land, air, sea and littoral domains.
  • All CC E-LifePods will be vehicle-agnostic, enabling transportability using a multitude of manned or unmanned vehicular systems (including trucks, trains, planes, helicopters, boats, and amphibius vehicles).
  • The CC E-LifePods will have the capability to provide prolonged effective healthcare in the field.
  • The CC E-LifePods are functional as ‘independent’ E-LifePods or can be scaled significantly by configuring with other E-LifePod variants to greatly enhance healthcare provision to larger numbers of patients (e.g. for managing mass casualty incidents).
  • SABRN is also working on a CC E-LifePod variant that could provide effective healthcare on extra-terrestrial environments (such as the Lunar or Mars surfaces) in the future.