SABRN is an Australian-veteran-owned multifaceted, innovative, and purpose-driven Group of Companies.

SABRN was founded in South Australia, and has footprints in Adelaide (SA), Perth (WA), Brisbane (QLD), Canberra (ACT), and Bredbo (NSW – testing and training facility).

SABRN aims to provide maximal benefit to our planet and its inhabitants.

SABRN prioritises the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet.

SABRN currently has five subsidiaries:

  1. SABRN Tech Pty Ltd (the Research & Development arm),
  2. SABRN Circular Pty Ltd (Circular Economies),
  3. SABRN Health Pty Ltd (Equitable Healthcare),
  4. SABRN Education (Accessible Education), and
  5. SABRN Defence & Space.