SABRN Tech is the R&D arm of the SABRN Group of Companies. Once the technologies developed by SABRN Tech mature, they get distributed by SABRN Circular, SABRN Education, SABRN Health, SABRN Defence & Space (the operational companies).

SABRN Tech’s current projects include:

  1. Delivery of more effective healthcare to our vulnerable and disadvantaged people using de-centralised, containerised ‘hospitals’ (LifePods) that are wirelessly connected with each other and other stakeholders such as civilian hospitals and NGOs using a variety of technologies including satellite, radio, space-based, cellular, and quantum (SABRN Health);
  2. Development of a series of immersive training modules (using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) to train the next generation of clinicians about healthcare delivery in Emergency (E) and Non Emergency (N) situations, with a proof-of-concept module being “Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta” (REBOA), a life-saving minimally invasive procedure (SABRN Education).
  3. Creation of a proof-of-concept circular economy using end-of-life industrial plastic materials at Port Lincoln (SABRN Circular);
  4. Using SABRN’s multiple capabilities to deliver to Defence personnel (soldiers, sailors, aviators and marines) and to Space Exploration, including a ‘System of Systems’ approach to healthcare using ruggedised LifePod systems, more effective clinical education and training modules, and more effective waste management capabilities (SABRN Defence & Space)