The ‘SABRN LifePods’

  • The SABRN LifePods are at the first level of ‘System of Systems’ approach to healthcare.
  • Each LifePod is a transportable containerised ‘hospital’ that can function independently with a health worker inside.
  • There are three types of SABRN LifePods:
    1. E-LifePods (Emergency)
    2. N-LifePods (Non Emergency)
    3. S-LifePods (Support)
  • The LifePods are transportable and scalable life-sustainment-pod variants with emergency, intensive care, operating theatre and other capabilities (including primary healthcare delivery) for better management of a wide range of patient demographics.
  • Applications of the “SABRN LifePods” within the Civilian Sector include healthcare provision for Regional, and Urban populations, as well as personnel working in high-risk industries such as Mining, Energy and Defence Sectors.
  • The “SABRN LifePods” can provide Humanitarian Aid in the form of state-of-the-art healthcare for victims of natural disasters or conflict rapidly and closer to the point-of-injury.
  • The “SABRN LifePods” will:
    • Have better diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment capabilities than what is available currently in pre-hospital settings;
    • Be vehicle-agnostic, and therefore easily transportable using different types of manned or unmanned vehicles (including ground, aerial, and maritime surface) to the patient and the hospital;
    • Have the capacity of providing patient care over long periods in ‘near-surgical-quality’ environments.
    • Be functional as independent “SABRN LifePods” or be scalable configuring multiple “SABRN LifePods” together to greatly enhance healthcare provision to larger numbers of patients (e.g. for managing mass casualty incidents).
  • SABRN is also working on developing variants of the “SABRN X-LifePod” to provide healthcare for personnel deployed to extra-terrestrial environments (e.g. lunar-surface and Mars-surface) in the future.