A ‘System of Systems’ Solution for Defence & Space

  • SABRN aims to address the issues related to effective healthcare delivery to our Defence & Space personnel.
  • SABRN’s objective is to change the paradigm of Defence healthcare delivery by developing a transportable and scalable ‘Hospital-to-Patient’ capability that is not geographically constrained.
  • SABRN is creating de-centralised, containerised ‘hospitals’ en masse to deliver better and more effective healthcare for our Defence personnel (the D-LifePods).
  • This ‘System of Systems’ solution works on three levels:
    1. Scalable Infrastructure (using SABRN LifePods).
    2. Scalable Health Workers (using SABRN’s Immersive Technology Training Modules).
    3. Scalable Clinician Specialists (using extensive wireless connectivity using a variety of technologies including satellite, cellular, radio, edge and quantum computing).