*SABRN Circular Partnership with Port Lincoln High School

SABRN and Port Lincoln High School have formed a partnership for the school to act as a collection point for re-manufacturable plastics.

The facility was launched by SABRN Circular founder and Managing Director Dr. Abe Chandra and the school principal, Todd George, in August.

Dr. Chandra said the link with the school was very important.

“It is our portal to the local community but it’s much more than just a point where domestic non-refundable plastic waste can be sorted and collected. It serves a very important part of educating the young people who are our future that they can make a tangible difference to their local environment”, Dr. Chandra said.

“SABRN complements the ’10 cent return’ sector of managing plastic waste by taking plastics which are not covered by that program. In this way, we are engaging and involving students and their families in a very practical way of tackling the massive problem of plastic waste in the environment. Our involvement with the school will touch on the environment, science, the arts and humanities”.

Mr. George said the initiative was ‘wonderful’.

“We have a rubbish issue at the school and this is one of the strategies the SRC have put together in tackling this. This is an initiative which will make us think about what goes in the bin and what happens to it. And it will create a product which we can use here in the school in our art and design curricula. It is very exciting to have a sustainable product we can use in art and design”.

The school’s Head Boy, Mitchell Paterson, described the opportunity as ‘one of a kind’. “Using old plastics to create something new can have a real impact on the environment and therefore contribute to tackling climate change”, he said. “There are piles of this stuff at the tip and it’s great to see it being used productively”.

And Governing Council Chairperson Brian Gabb added another dimension to the support. “This is an entrepreneurial project through which our students can learn about your enterprise and use the material it produces. Our school represents a total community with a diverse range of students from every facet of life and background and this gives them a chance to be hands-on through their science and other curricula – it’s absolutely fantastic.”